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My Favorite Mutt: Brand Pet Accesories

Thank you for viewing My Favorite Mutt!  Please visit the main My Favorite Mutt home site at but please indulge us as we are in the process of re-designing this site.  While you are there please take a look at Boo’s Bark.

Here’s a little about My Favorite Mutt-

We are a Washington based company, who believes that our furry & feathery friends are actually part of our family.  We will strive to sell the very best in treats, toys, and apparel.  Our treats will be made with organic ingredients and whenever possible we shop local to insure the freshest ingredients.  Our toys, apparel, and accessories will be proudly handmade in the USA.  We have been involved in dog rescue & placement for more than twenty years along with various other animal charities.  We want to continue this effort, so we will donate a portion of every item sold to local animal shelters.  We want to enrich the lives of pets, even the forgotten ones everywhere!

About our logo-

The dog in our logo is the family’s baby.  He is a six and a half year old Liver & White English Springer Spaniel who is spoiled GOOD and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  His name is Shooter (in honor of a certain Country/Western singer) but we endearingly call him Boo.  So be sure to read “Boo’s Bark”

Thank's for stoppin' by

Thank’s for stoppin’ by


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