For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Not So Primitive Candles…

A primitive candle just like in the colonial times…well not quite but a little close.  I was given a bunch of those battery operated window candles that have the gold colored plastic candle stick base with the white molded drippy look plastic candle and the light bulb on top.  I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak but these weren’t exactly the type of decor that I have in my home, but I accepted them graciously and appreciated the thought behind the gift because my home is filled with candles.   It didn’t take me to long before I decided to use a grunging technique that I have used on my hand sewn fabric candle ornies.  So I set out on my prim candle transformation and gathered my cinnamon, Mod Podge, and a can of black spray paint(Automotive Trim Black is what I used due to the color is close to Lamp Black).  Now, I will say that this was a spur of the moment project and I forgot to take photos through out the project, I just have a photo of the finished product but I will give step by step instructions on how I did this-

1)  Take a scotch brite pad and scuff up the candle stick base part only, wipe off scuff dust

2)  Tape off the white candle part and bulb completely, so no black spray will get on it

3)  Spray candle stick base black, let dry completely

4)  Un-tape the candle part and bulb

5)  With a paint brush, brush on Mod Podge completely over the white candle part, making sure the white is completely covered and being careful not to get any Mod Podge on any of the black base or the bulb

6)  Once covered with Mod Podge, immediately dust cinnamon completely over the wet Mod Podge, carefully blow or tap off excess cinnamon and let dry completely

7)  When cinnamoned Mod Podge is dried brush another coat of Mod Podge over all of  cinnamon(some cinnamon will mix in the Mod Podge but that is okay).  Make sure all of the cinnamon is coated with Mod Podge and looks wet, again make sure that none of the Mod Podge gets on the black base or bulb

8)  Once they are dried, you can leave them as is or go one step further and silicone the bulbs



My not so primitive…primitive candle!


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