For the Love of Primitive Antiques


Feeling fall festive, thinking about a get together?  Why not make it an Autumn themed party… like everything PUMPKIN!  Invite your friends and their pumpkin pals over for a carving contest and have everyone vote on the best, with the winner getting a pumpkin themed prize.  Have eats & drinks made from pumpkin.  There are a myriad of pumpkin recipes that can be downloaded from the internet like Pumpkin Punch, Pumpkin Lattes, Pumpkin Cake & Cookies and of course the seasonal favorite Pumpkin Bread.  Not to mention casseroles and soups that are made from this fun orange gourd.  A fun idea would be to make a handmade Pumpkin Recipe Book  to give to all your guests as a memento of the party.  Another take on this would be a “Pumpkin Potluck” and have your guests bring a dish made from pumpkin and the recipe to trade with everyone at the party.  You could also do a kid friendly version of a Pumpkin Party by having a bunch of pumpkins strewn around your yard (like a make shift pumpkin patch).  Have the children go pick their favorite pumpkin and paint a face on it.  Then hand out a ribbon prize to all the contestants.  The ribbons can be made with a different saying on it like “Most Scary”, “Best Funny Face”, “Most Colorful” and so on.  Have the children play pumpkin themed games.  Some ideas are “Pin the Nose on the Jack O Lantern”, “Musical Pumpkins” using big pumpkins instead of chairs, “Pumpkin Walk” a cake walk using pumpkin related goodies instead of a cake, and “Pumpkin Roll” using a big pumpkins to roll a certain distance the fastest.  What ever you decide, just take time to have a good time with friends and family during this fun autumn holiday season.



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