For the Love of Primitive Antiques

The Smell of Pumpkins in the Air…

Awe, you gotta love the smell of pumpkins in the air.  Well, I guess that is a little far fetched but by now everyone knows that I have this strange affliction… uhh I mean affection for this plump orange colored fruit(yep, it is a fruit).  I admit I have pulled the Harvest decorations down from the rafters, dusted them off and even put a few out with a lot more being put out for my family’s viewing pleasure over the next couple of days.  And yes, the gourd purchasing has commenced.  It is a little disconcerting though decorating for the Harvest season in 85 degree weather.  I have this unnerving feeling that we will be wearing tank tops & flip flops and working on our tans when we make our annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch rather than wearing the customary Autumn attire of sweaters and boots. But what ever the attire is we will have a wonderful Harvest season because our family will be together and our Grandson will be visiting the patch this year under the power of his own two feet and this Grandma is going to have fun watching him go forth and pick out his very own pumpkin!  May every one take time to enjoy the colors of the season, have an Apple Cider or a Pumpkin flavored latte and pull out the sweaters because I am told that the chill of the season will eventually come…





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