For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Visiting Port Orchard, Washington

The first stop on our Antiquing on Harley’s wasn’t on a bike but it was going to get one.  So, I think we will let this one count.  We swung into the quaint  Mariner town of Port Orchard.  It is located in the state of Washington in the Kitsap County on the Kitsap Peninsula.  It’s a town with over 11,000 people living in it.   To get there you take Interstate 5 to Highway 16 and follow the signs.  Port Orchard is also accessible from Seattle by the Washington State Ferry System, which I will say is a beautiful boat ride.  The town is nestled around the waters of the Sinclair Inlet and the town does have a public marina.  The town has a boardwalk that they hold a Farmers Market at during the spring, summer, and early fall.  The Antique stores that I found are on Bay Street.   But, I would suggest to stop by the candy store there on Bay Street to pick up some yummy fudge or any of the other myriad of old fashion candies that they offer to eat while you walk through and browse the antique shops.  Everyone we met in the various shops we went into were extremely friendly and helpful.   All the antique stores offered a wide variety of items from primitive iron & wood, shabby chic, to vintage 40’s through the 1960’s.  The pricing for the most part was low to mid range in value for the items that I looked at.  In fact, I was lucky and found a large primitive table top slant desk for only $30.


This is the Table Top Slant Desk for only $30, it is in very nice condition for its age. Unfortunately, they did not have the key to it but it does still have the decorative metal work attached around the keyhole.









In a different shop, I found a hand carved Noah’s Ark  with hand carved animals that was originally $20 and when the shop person saw me looking at it she lowered the price to $10, what a deal!












We had a great time wandering around this town, with its sights and the smell of the salt water in the air.  It was very enjoyable.














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