For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Antiques & Harleys

Antiques and Harley’s, what a combination.  My hubby’s hobby is riding his Harley and mine is obviously primitive antiques, so we decided to combine the two.  The best of both worlds since I have to admit I like being the passenger on my hubby’s Harley and he has been known to enjoy our antiquing hunts.  I have to say that there are times that we might be quite the spectacle rolling the down the road with the pack on my back  brimming full of items that I have found or like the time we were antiquing in Eastern Washington and my hubby had to also stop by a winery and a fruit stand over there so he filled the back pack with wine and fresh jellies prior to us hitting the antique stores.  Well, of course once we started scavenging the antique stores, I found items that i just couldn’t leave behind.  So there we were rolling down the highway headed home and I looked like some kind of modern-day knight on his way to a joust holding on to my newly purchased 3 foot long primitive wooden stir paddle(like what a Halloween witch uses to stir her cauldron).  We got some strange looks that day.  After the fact we both decided that wasn’t the safest thing to do, so we are going to get saddle bags for the bike and on the bigger items we will just pay to get them shipped home.  To further celebrate our antique runs on the motorcycle, I am going to post pictures of the the antique shops we visit and tell their story and the story of the towns they are located in.  I will be adding these posts over the spring, summer, and fall so please check back often to read about the adventures!


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