For the Love of Primitive Antiques

New Years Solution aka My Year Of Change

New Years…the midnight first kiss of the year with a loved one, a happy thing…a toast for health and prosperity, a happy thing…celebrating with family and friends, a happy thing…RESOLUTIONS (Ugh), an unpleasant thing!  How come is it that at the beginning of every New Year we set resolutions for ourselves(with good intentions of course) but then they are forgotten by the end of January?  I know I silently do this to myself every year, not that I can’t commit to something but with the hustle & bustle of the life that I lead, my resolutions slowly start falling down the priority list.  So this year no more weight loss ideas, diets, exercise regimens, or make more money thoughts…I have decided rather than make a New Years Resolution, that I would have a New Years Solution!  One word “SIMPLIFY” my life (well maybe that’s three words).  Simplify, its a nice little verb that means “to make simpler”.  The beauty to this word is that it can be  something different to each person who uses it but to me it means de-clutter and reorganize.  So in my spare time(which usually is when everyone is in bed or early morning), I am going to look at every room, closet & cupboard in my house and re-home or donate to charity all the items that just aren’t being used anymore which means when I go to the utensil drawer in the kitchen that the big green plastic spoon wont come hurdling at my face anymore because of the force that I had to use to get the overloaded drawer to open or opening that cupboard/closet door and have a tidal wave of objects come walloping down on me…sound familiar?  Then when the weather permits, I am going to do the same outdoors.  Gone will be the high maintenance foliage and in will be the carefree ornamental grasses and weeping trees.   Rather than weeding, I’m going to plant a pretty ground cover.  If everything is easier and cohesive, it means it will be a simpler and happier home!  I’ll take that.  So here’s to New Years Solutions aka My Year of Change!   To everyone – A  Blessed New Year!


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