For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Let’s Hear it For Candy Corn

Okay people, tell me that the sight or smell of Candy Corn doesn’t evoke some type of childhood memory.  I for one didn’t really like the taste of them but as a young kid I loved sticking them over my teeth(orange end up) giving me a pointy candy corn smile.  This eternal Autumn candy is a Halloween icon and per Wikipedia was created in the 1880s by the Wunderlee Candy Co.  Another fact I found via Google is that over 8 billion Candy Corn kernels are consumed each year.  Now a days candy corn isn’t just for eatin’.  It is a fun item to use in your Harvest decorating.  Some ideas for using them in your decorating is:

  • Sprinkle some in with pine cones that are set in a rustic wood bowl for a little pop of color
  • Use as a base in a candle safe jar and set a candle on them
  • Put some in your Harvest potpourri
  • Make a Autumn garland by stringing cinnamon sticks, small pine cones, and candy corn alternating as you go

I have even found craft tutorials on the internet on how to make Halloween charm bracelets and earrings out of Candy Corn.  In celebration of Candy Corn, I want to share how I make my Primitive Candy Corn Ornies.  These are very easy to make and don’t take much time to put together.

Items needed are

  1. Muslin Fabric
  2. Fiber Fill
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing Machine
  5.  Needle & Thread
  6. Fabric Paint in Burnt Orange, Mustard Yellow, & Antique White
  7. Paint Brush
  8. Fine Sandpaper
  9. Grunge Powder (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, & Clove mixture)
  10. Embellishments if desired

Make a Candy Corn template out of cardboard. Trace around template on double layer of Muslin fabric and cut out


Sew around the two pieces leaving a 1/4″ edge. Leave a 1 1/2″ hole at the bottom of Candy Corn. Turn inside out and fill insides with Fiber Fill. Fill to desired thickness(I fill mine up full so they are not squishy). Then close the bottom hole using a hidden stitch.


Paint on each of the colors allowing time for each to dry. Once all colors are painted and dried, sand it all over with fine sandpaper. Then rub on grunge mixture and attach embellishments if desired.


So have fun and enjoy some Candy Corn!





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