For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Pick a Peck of Pretty Pumpkins

Autumn breeze… the fall chill in the air…nope not this year!  My family and I went to go find our Harvest and Halloween pumpkins in a nice summery 80 plus degree weather.  Now, not that I am one to  complain about sunny hot weather but I look forward to October so I can pull out the ol’ sweaters, scarves and warm boots.  Something that I have come accustom to living in the Pacific Northwest like we do.  Instead of starting the day with a cup of Hot Chocolate or a nice steaming Latte, it was iced coffees and juice except for the hubby who is a die hard and went with the steamy cup of hot coffee.  This year was to be extra special in the pumpkin pickin’ department because it was the first time out for our 3 month old Grandson.  Being the camera in hand Grandma that I am, I had all these ideas of must have photos of the grandkid in the pumpkin patch Hah… Delusions of Grandeur!  What I got was photos of our fair skinned, blue eyed grandkid under wraps so he wouldn’t sunburn and the rest of us with sweat rolling down our fore heads as we forged our way through the pumpkin fields.   We still had a lot o fun and each of us picked the perfect pumpkins and some nice gourds too.  We will have “warm” memories of this day to reminisce about on our future pumpkin picking expeditions and isn’t that what it’s all about any ways?  Have fun in the moment even with the unexpected happenings, like a very hot October day.  Enjoy…





                                                                       FILLIN’ the WHEELBARROW



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