For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Antiquing in New England

I have been lucky enough to be able to have had two trips to New England in my past.  For those of you who like the hunt of primitives and antiques there is nothing like a slow drive through Vermont, New Hampshire, and all of the other states that make up New England.  My favorite place is Vermont in the colors of its Fall foliage and then throw in some old barns and buildings full of primitives for sale…it’s Heaven on earth!  My first trip to New England was only with my hubby and we stayed just in Vermont.  Since we flew the friendly skies, I was only able to purchase smalls that I could fit in my suitcases and my hubby’s suitcase too!  He was such a good sport about it.  We had four glorious days there and we didn’t waste any of it.  The second time back, we again flew and made it a family vacation and took along our adult daughter.  The states we hit that time were Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  Again, I kept with only purchasing the smaller items.  Though I have to admit that I made a promise to myself that if I ever get to go back to New England for a third time, I will go for some of the absolutely fabulous primitive cupboards that can be found there and just have them shipped home.  Now I know that you can find beautiful antiques and primitives in any of our great 50 states but there is a certain romance to be had in New England, especially in the Autumn months.  So, take a suggestion from me and if you are able, try an antiquing trip to New England, I know you won’t be disappointed.

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