For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Re-purpose on Purpose

I am such a fan of re-purposing old items into something they were  totally not designed for.  It is so much fun scavenging through Flea Markets, Junk Stores, Garage Sales and even online auction sites for items that may be able to be used in new and exciting ways.  Don’t get me wrong I still love my primitives and antiques that I have and use for exactly the purposes they were intended for with out changing them in the least, but to see an item in a new imaginative way is a cool feeling.  Especially when you have people give you that “look” with that little “nod” when you explain what your plans for the item is and then when I finish my project and see their looks of amazement… I love it!   I have an eclectic array of items that I decorate my home with and I think that I balance originality of pieces with their re-purposed counterparts very well.   Now, I will admit that most of my re-purposed items aren’t to far fetched like my old church pew that I use as a bench seat to my long dining table and a primitive saddle makers bench as a table under my wall mounted TV that has the DVD player setting on it or my antique pickling crocks that no longer holds pickles but now holds pine cones and such(and Christmas trees at the holiday season).  If I had a larger house (hint to the hubby) I would use either (or both) my antique church pew and my antique large rolling wood library bookshelf cart to hold my crock collection.  Unfortunately one of those items is still in storage while the other one is my dining seat.  My re-purpose pièce de résistance is my sofa table that I made from an old antique large wood egg incubator and four orphaned antique butcher block legs that I had.  I think it turned out beautifully and so far all of my house guests that I have had in my home since it has decorated my living room have agreed.  A lot of my re-purposed pieces have not had their integrity questioned, as in the incubator sofa table.  I think it would be a shame to change it by painting or drilling holes in it.  The incubator is in as found untouched condition (other than a thorough cleaning).  It is just sitting on a frame made of a few 2×4’s, angle brackets, and 4 orphaned antique butcher block legs.  The incubator is heavy enough(my back can attest to that)  to sit on the leg frame and be stable with out fear of it being able to slide or be bumped off.

Antique Egg Incubator re-purposed as a sofa table

An old vintage cement laundry basin being re-purposed into a firewood bin

A primitive feed dish re-purposed a s a desk shelf

A primitive hen layer box re-purposed as a decorative bin and shelf

Pickling crocks being re-purposed as decorative primitive vases

There is a multitude of ways to re-purpose or re-use items that are not just decorative but can be useful as well.  Go out find things, use your imagination and have fun.  Enjoy reviving something old to new again!

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