For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Not Quite Primitive, But Had Too Share…

We just had a baby shower for our daughter and her hubby a week ago which as eclectic as it was, it turned out very nice.  I called the theme “Shabby Chic French Woodland Owl with a Hint of Ooh La La” when you take a look at the photos you will see what I mean.  We made the celebration a co-ed BBQ, after all the “daddy-to-be” helped out in the baby process so why shouldn’t he and his guy friends be able to join in the fun and celebrate the impending arrival of the new bundle joy too!  My daughter wanted the color Teal and owls to be involved in the day some how, so my friend and I took those two items to the next decorating level and by passed crazy some where along the way.  Now me being… well me, I had to throw some primitives and antiques into the decorating mix because I just couldn’t resist the urge.  We had a lot of fun putting this together and all in all I think the look of it turned out great.

Family, Friends, and good food what better way to spend a day!

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