For the Love of Primitive Antiques

A Day of Green

St. Patrick’s day is almost upon us and I finally decided to learn a little more about this day of wearing green.  With a little internet research I found out all about St. Patrick, shamrocks, leprechauns, and all of the other “day o’green” traditions.  St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland and is credited for being the one who brought Christianity to Ireland.  He also designed the Celtic Cross.  St. Patrick is said to have chose the shamrock or three leaf clover for an easy representation of the Holy Trinity.  Four leaf clovers on the other hand is supposed to represent Gods grace.  Now the Leprechauns are a little on the darker side of the story, they are said to be mischievous, grumpy, tricky, and generally untrustworthy little men(hmm, I think I may have heard this this story once or twice before from friends).  They are stingy sorts too, but as legend has it, it says that if you can catch one of them, you can force them to to tell you where they hid their pot of gold.  The wearing of green has a few different background stories.  Some say that is a US tradition started back in the 1700’s, or because Ireland is so green and has the color of green in its flag, or that green symbolizes Spring and rebirth and lastly back to are little leprechaun friends… it says that they can’t see the color green, so if you wear green you are safe from their antics.  Otherwise, if you don’t wear green these little guys can see you and will sneak up on you and pinch you.  Now, supposedly the real story behind the pinching is a little less sinister, it is said that this custom was started by school children long ago.  So… if you feel lucky (and brave) don’t wear green this coming March 17th but don’t say I didn’t warn you about those mischievous little leprechauns.  As for me, I’m not going to take the side of chance, I will be wearing green that day… besides  I hate being pinched whether its by a leprechaun or any one else for that matter!

In honor of St. Patrick and his shamrock, I have a quick no-sew craft that is easy to do

Items needed:                                                                                                                                                     

  • green felt
  • adornments
  • shamrock cookie cutter
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • green ribbon
  • safety pin
  • black marker



1.    outline cookie cutter shape on green felt

2.    cut out shape

3.     using hole punch, punch out hole centered on the top leaf of shamrock

4.     put ribbon through hole

5.    slide adornments onto ribbon on the front side felt shamrock 

6.    slide safety pin onto ribbon on the backside of felt shamrock

7.    tie ribbon in a knot at top of felt shape, leaving equal ends of ribbon

8.     tie the ends of ribbon into a bow

9.     trim ribbon ends to desired length



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