For the Love of Primitive Antiques

The Kid’s Table

Here’s a fun idea…if your family has a kids table for the children to eat Thanksgiving dinner at, make a memory table cloth.  Buy a white fabric table cloth and a bunch of fabric markers in various colors and have the kids outline one of their hands on to it to make a hand turkey then they can color it in like a turkey.  It’s a twist on what we did back in the olden days with construction paper.  Make sure that they sign their name & age by their own hand turkey, younger children may need help doing theirs.  Each year you can re-use it and have each child draw another hand turkey and so on.  It makes a great growth chart timeline.  To keep  it clean while the children are eating get heavy mil clear plastic and cut it the same size as your table cloth and put the plastic over the table cloth while the kids eat.  If the children eat at the same table as the adults have special fabric place mats for them that they can outline and draw their hand turkey on and just get a new place mat for them each year.  Or just do it the old fashion way and use construction paper each year.  Any way that you choose, it will just be fun to have it to look back on or even sew the drawings into a memory quilt once the children have grown.



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