For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Fall Is In The Air

Now that the neighborhood kids are back to school, I decided that I can start decorating my home with out to many people thinking that I am nuts.  I love the Fall and its warm rich colors.  I consider the Fall the kick off to the holidays and I just cant wait for the Labor Day festivities to get over with so my Fall festivities can start.  Half way through August I start to purchase all the home and decor magazines that even hint that they contain anything that pertains to Autumn to see if there is anything new to decorate with.  I admit I am a full fledge Autumn addict!  I am the first one at the grocery store with a cart load of gourds and I start watching the local pumpkin patches for the open signs to pop up in early September even though I know that they never open until late September around here.  My home is filled with so many different types of gourds and multitudes of mini pumpkins and if that isn’t enough I spend my evenings making my primitive stuffed pumpkins that I put up around the house(plus I make a few extra to sell to support my gourd habit).  My hubby says I am the only girl he knows that would rather have a bouquet of pumpkins than a bouquet of flowers.  Happy Fall Every One!!!

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