For the Love of Primitive Antiques

Trenchers, Bowls, & Boxes

I believe primitive wood trenchers, wood bowls, and wood boxes of any size and shape are a definate mainstay to primitive decor. They are all so versatile which makes their uses endless.


Trenchers, I would have to say are my favorite in primitive wood containers.  I am lucky enough to have found two over the years and I treasure them both.  As you can tell in the pictures I add different touches to what I have them filled with to help in seasonal and holiday decorating.


I also filled one my trenchers with whole coffee beans(the darker the better for the aroma) along with some scented Putka Pods and cinnamon sticks to make a delicious smelling room fragrance.  The aroma lasts forever and when the fragrance does start to disappear just run your fingers through the coffee bean mixture and the yummy smell comes right back!


Wood boxes and crates are great because not only can they be filled, you can turn them on their side and make a shelf or you can turn them over completely to have the box be a stand to set a candle or any other item you want to showcase or make taller if it is in a grouping


Bowls like the trenchers are great because again you can fill them potpourri, candles, smalls, or just leave them empty and maybe stack a few together.  They are usually smaller than the trenchers so they can be placed in areas that need a little something that doesn’t have the space that a trencher would take up.

From my experiences, I believe it is easier to find bowls than it is to find their other wooden counterparts.  Bowls come in a multitude of sizes and colors. Some like the one pictured above is not an antique but is painted in a primitive style so it works well with authentic primitive antiques. One of my bowls was even made from the top of a salvaged antique barrel.

Enjoy your wooden prim containers and have fun when decorating with them!

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