For the Love of Primitive Antiques

A Moment too Late & A Minute too Short

The past two weekends my husband and I went out on treasure hunts, this is what I affectionately call our antiqueing trips.  Two weekends ago there was a large Antique Fair that we went to, which was a couple hour drive away from where we live but we didn’t mind because we were able to catch up on conversation and hit garage sales & antique shops along the way(Conversation was good, garage sales were bad).  The bad garage selling should have been my first indication that the day wasn’t going to be kind to me.  When we arrived and I walked into the large building that was housing the event, my eyes glassed over and my heart started to race because I was standing in front of a multitude of beautiful Primitives, Victorian, and Farm antiques. I didn’t know which way to turn first but finally, I got my wits about me and went into scavenger mode.  I went to the first booth nothing quite caught my eye then went to the second and found a very primitive crock shelf, fell in love looked down and saw a sold sign on it!  Darn, but I kept a smile on my face and decided that it meant there was something better around the corner for me…I soldiered on! I went through the whole building seeing SOLD signs and NFS (not for sale) signs on everything I liked.  About midway through at one booth I saw a very large and long cabinet shelf probably somewhere between circa 1895 to 1905 that was so amazing but it was filled with items that the person was selling and there wasn’t a price tag on the cabinet so, I decided that it must just be a prop to hold the items that were for sale…Talk about a Big, Big, BIG mistake on my part because after I was done walking through the whole antique fair I walked back to see if the person would negotiate with me on the sale of their cabinet.  Well, thats exactly what I did only to find out that she had just sold it and get this, she sold it for $50 dollars!  Talk about a moment too late and a minute too short!  My fellow Antiquers out there learn from my quiet & stupid assumptions, if you see some item you like thats not tagged… always ask, ask, ask if the item is for sale!!  So, with my head hung low my husband and I walked out to leave and thats when we saw a swap meet going on in another building on the fairgrounds & we went to investigate and Viola! I found my treasure of the day!  An antique wooden glider rocking horse!, my weekend was saved!  But I can’t say that for this last weekend… We went out… We hunted… and we came home empty handed other than a vintage Tootsietoy car that my hubby found.  Well, I can’t be too bummed because the hunting is always exciting and there’s always next weekend!!!

Antique Wooden Glider Rocking Horse "Our treasure of the day"

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