For the Love of Primitive Antiques

A Spring Hello

Well, it’s that time of year again when you go into the grocery store and have the spicy fragrance of Easter Lilies in the air.  Easter is just around the corner, which means another special time to celebrate the “3 F’s” Faith, Family, and Friends!  I love decorating my home for the seasons and the holidays that relate to each of them.  This year Spring is quietly trying to emerge, while Winter is still trying to keep its cold, blustery grasp on nature.  I know Spring will eventually win as it always does and the buds on the trees will open allowing the new foliage to appear.   As the changes are happening out of doors so to are there changes happening indoors as well, I am going through my house placing simple primitive touches here and there, putting the winter trimmings away for another year and allowing Spring to return to my home.  I love using dried elements from nature in my decorating, three of my favorites are pinecones, branches, and grasses.  These three items always will have a recurring role in my prim decor.  This year, Easter is extra special because we are going to have our family gathering around our table for Easter dinner.   Now for a supper table primitive gathering centerpiece, Hmmm…

Primitive trencher filled with pinecones, rusty bells, & papermache eggs

A primitive Easter gathering

Primitive cornucopia with Easter eggs & greenery

A shelf gathering with primitive egg utensils & papermache eggs

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